Who We Are

Here at Wood-Worx.Co we are raving fans of luxury fashion but strive to maintain the health of our environment.
We deliver quality precision cut, wearable expressive artwork by making polarized wooden sunglasses out of sustainable bamboo. 

Instead of using traditional woods for our sunglasses, the use of bamboo provides environmental benefits. Bamboo is truly sustainable harvested grass that regenerates 8 times faster than hardwood. Not only does Bamboo mature rapidly, but harvesting does not kill the plant, making it a very Eco-friendly product. The Bamboo is a moisture resistant and a more durable piece than traditional hardwoods, which makes it an excellent choice to hold up better than other woods. Delivering our quality Wood-Worx collection can bring you closer to the beautiful lifestyle of the coastline inspired by the Southern California Fashion, Shopping, and Beach culture and the nature that surrounds its cities.

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Wood-Worx.Co has established partnerships with sunglass makers around the world to offer the finest luxury eco-friendly fashionable sunglasses and more at an affordable price.

- Wood-Worx.Co