A guide to wearing sunglasses

April 06, 2017

A guide to wearing sunglasses

If the idea to shop for the sunglasses is to try on a selection of pairs along with looking at the mirror, these guidelines to wear shades will take it to a whole new level. Before purchasing the sunglasses have you ever considered these factors such as UV protection, visibility as well as the durability? The shape of your face and head? There is more to sunspecs shopping than to look good. Let’s have a look that which glasses will be best protect the eyes as well as suit the style and personality.

UV Protection:

The sun sends out UV radiations that a person can not see or feel. In insignificant doses, the UV radiations provide vitamin D to the body. On the other hand, too much amount of these radiations could cause complications such as skin cancer and sunburn. The UV rays can moreover damage the eyes.

Before checking the price of the sunglasses, have a look on the label. Check that whether the sunglasses that you have picked block 100% of UVA as well as UVB radiations? If not then don’t buy them.

Select the size of Sunglasses:

The sunglasses are accessible in a variety of shapes and sizes. Generally, if you find the right contrast between the face shape and the shape of the sunglasses will look nice. For example, if a person has a round face then the sunglasses with more angular frames will suit him while if the face has a square shape, then a rounder shaped frame will look good on him. Here are some of the favorite styles of sunglasses:

  • Mirrorshades: These mirrorshades are liked by the folks that like to set the fashion styles of their own as well as love the looks that are polished and sleek. These are mostly used by a lot of police officers in the United States. These sunglasses commonly come in the wraparound or aviator shape.
  • Aviator: The aviators have evolved to turn out to be a unisex style. However, the air force pilots traditionally put on the aviator shades. Still, these masculine sunglasses still evoke confidence and power. The aviators are perfect for any face shape. However, these are best for the people with an oval shape face.
  • Wraparounds: The wraparounds are usually worn by the athletics as well as the thrilling sports.
  • Oversized: The oversized sunglasses are mostly associated with the movie stars and models, and they look glamorous.

Make sure that the sunglasses fit well:

Always try them on and make sure that they don't pinch around the head. The weight of the sunglasses must be distributed evenly between the nose and the ears, and the eyelashes should not touch the lenses or the frame of the shades. Sunglasses should be the stand on the link of the ears and nose, and if it feels like that they are inclined to one side, then you must adjust them. 

What suits on one face might not work for the other person. The main thing is to try out different looks and styles and find the ones that reflect your personal taste as well as they protect your eyes from UV rays.